Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain Review


Say hello to my latest addition to my lip product collection!

This is in the colour #9 and the shade is called Rouge Laque. It’s my first ever YSL product, and I couldn’t be happier – I knew that when I went to Paris, I just had to get myself some YSL lipstick. It’s always been on my beauty wishlist and I never got around to getting it back in Singapore. When this was on 60% sale at La Fayette, I told myself it was fate. I mean, 60% off the colour I wanted was too good to be true!


 Best decision ever. I really love the iconic black and gold packaging, it just screams luxury!


The applicator brush feels really soft on my lips, which I really like. It doesn’t really pick up a lot of product each time you take it out from the bottle, but that’s great for intense colours because it’s always better to put additional layers and build it up slowly to get the perfect colour payoff. I like how the brush is pointy, so you can really get the sides of your lips without getting a huge mess.


A swatch of this lip gloss stain on my arm.


Super in love with the colour!!

As you can tell from its name, this glossy lip stain acts as both a gloss and a stain. As a lip gloss, I love that it has the right amount of shine and it’s not too glossy. This is especially so for this shade because it’s a true red colour, and you wouldn’t want the gloss to take over the colour. I would say that for bold red lip stains, the staying power is acceptable but reapplication is a must after about three to four hours, especially after meals/drinks and if you want the gloss back. However, since the gloss for this product is not ostentatious, and because of the intensity of the colour, I would prefer to apply some clear lip balm for the glossy effect. You wouldn’t want to pack on too much colour. Also, this lip stain doesn’t dry my lips out and make them crack like many other lip products do and because it’s glossy it even conceals any cracks that I already have!

There’s only one issue I have with this product, which is its strong smell that had me taken aback when I opened the product for the first time. Some people say it smells like roses, but to me it smells pretty alcoholic. It definitely takes a bit getting used to.



When I return to France, I’m definitely looking forward to adding more of this range to my collection!



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