Ciaté Shell Manicure


This is probably the first beauty post that focuses on nails on my blog. I purchased the Ciate Shell Manicure set at a Spehora store in Paris a few months ago because it was on half price, making it only 11 euros. The Ciate nail polishes back home are really expensive, so I thought this was a steal! Featured here are the shdaes Candy Floss (L) and She Sells Sea Shells (R). Candy Floss is a bubble gum pink, and two coats will achieve the same colour consistency as in the bottle. She Sells Sea Shells is a bottle of multi-coloured crushed shells bits of various sizes intended as an embellishment layer to your manicure.


To achieve the shell manicure look, simply paint a coat of pink polish and let it dry. Then proceed to apply the second layer and while the second coat is still wet, pour some of the crushed shell bits onto your nail. Gently press it down to secure the shells onto the nail. Apply at least two layers of top coat and ta-da, shell manicure done in 20 minutes! Make sure to do this on the plastic box given in the box to prevent a mess!


Use the funnel provided to easily re-collect the unused shell bits back into the bottle! Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with Ciate. This is my first time using their nail polishes, and it surprised me how perfectly Candy Floss went on. I always have a lot of tiny bubbles whenever I apply nail polishes at home so I’d give up and go for a cheap $5 manicure at Far East Plaza, but when I applied this there were absolutely no bubbles! Now I’m starting to think my OPIs are privated versions because they give lots of bubbles too.. Also the brush applicator is just the right size and seems to be awesome at correcting any mishaps on my first coat! Definitely more ciate polishes to my collection!


Decided to go for the full effect and applied the shells on all my nails but you can also go for just an accent nail, especially if you need your hands in your job or if you’re always doing chores around the house! I REALLY like the way it turned out, the shell bits add so much dimension and colour to my nails! Plus, it’s perfect for summer so I’ll definitely re-do this again 🙂



4 Replies to “Ciaté Shell Manicure”

  1. This is fun! I still haven’t tried one of their polishes. I’ve been drawn to them many times though. That’s great that you caught a steal on this set! I love the colors. It reminds me of my childhood obsession with this color palette and the temperature range (80s girl). So fun!!


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