Living with Your SO (Exchange Edition)

When I asked Gab how was it like living with me, he said “fantastic” and that was pretty much it. When I pressed him to describe it in further details, he told me he could “see himself doing it for the rest of his life”. *heart eyes* Not sure if it’s textbook answer, but at that moment that happened was when we were cuddling in bed and hugging all our soft toys (we have 6 babies, mind you), giggling like little kids because we were well, happy. Content. And then we proceeded to watch Tarzan in the lounge room. Hashtag forever young. Hashtag act young only.


But I wanted to write a post about my experience, because before this I heard horror stories and warnings that pretty much went like “it could make or break your relationship”, followed with the helpful info that a lot of couples break up after going on exchange.

If you ask me now whether I’d recommend a couple to go on exchange? I’d say yes without a doubt. You get to know your SO in ways you probably didn’t have a chance to back in SG. It’s not really a “trial” per say, but more of …. a way to grow and nuture your RS in a different way, in a way that you BOTH have influence over. It’s like taking your relationship to the next level, in a good way.

Here’s what to expect:

1. Farting. Loads of it.



Or burping, if you’re more burps than farts. *winks*

2. Walking around in your underwear/PJs will become the norm.



Clothes are for suckers going out only.

3. Cooking has never been more fun.



Are you a fellow Zalfie shipper? 🙂

Not to spoil the picture or anything – sure it’s fun to cook together but you’ll most probably be cooking every single day because it’s the cheaper option during exchange, which can be exhausting at times so it’ll probably look more like this on some days… (Especially if you’re rudimentary cooks)



Just remember not to set anything on fire (;

4. Sexy time just got sexier



Kidding, you’ll still be as awkward as ever.

5. You’ll learn how to handle that time of the month together.



Sometimes I wake up feeling mad for no reason, and then I cry when I get too angry. It’s quite challenging for me to manage my hormones… And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


For guys it can be a little more difficult staying out of it if you’re living together… So here’s a little tip: always make sure you have loads of chocolate and hot tea in the house, make yourself available for cuddling pronto.

6. Alone time will never be more important.



Alone time can be pretty hard to come by when you’re living together on exchange.

Gab and I pretty much see each other every day back in Singapore but we still had the nights to ourselves, and sometimes weekends. Living together means seeing each other 24/7, and that’s great but sometimes I just need some “me time”. I find alone time pretty invigorating, even when I’m just doing mundane things like cleaning the house. I also like to be alone when I’m writing/editing, so I’ll be in the next room while Gab watches/plays his Dota games.

I think it was great that we managed to make some awesome friends during exchange, and get to travel with other people instead of just being by ourselves for six whole months. When I put it like that it sounds scary, doesn’t it? Everyone needs to socialize, even a little bit!

7. You’ll discover just how different you are. 

 I’m a pretty messy person, and I’m fine with leaving my things all over the room. But when it comes to small things like putting your keys/wallet/watch on the small square of dining table when you come home, I’m pretty anal (table so small no space to put my food once I’m done cooking!). Whereas Gab is the opposite, he doesn’t like to leave a mess and prefers to tidy things pretty much once he’s done. He can’t stand to leave dirty dishes in the sink, while I like to laze about and surf the net before getting to it. (You can clearly tell who’s doing the dishes in this relationship)



This is what I tell him all the time…

In all honesty though, I think we love each other because of our differences. We complement each other. It’s a fact.

8. But at the same time, you’ll realize how much you have in common. 



Like how you’re both weirdos and that’s totally fine.

And how both of you just want the same things – to be together, and for each other to be happy.



Happiness in simplicity. Remember that, guys.



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