Father’s Day Gift Guide

With only ten days to go, Father’s Day will be here sooner than you think. Are you still gift-less and in full-on panic mode? Fear not, cliche last-minute gifts are not meant to be this year – I’ve teamed up with local up-and-coming men’s fashion label Gnome & Bow to come up with an awesome gift guide this year. Feel free to take some inspiration from it!

1. Breakfast with love



If you’re on a budget, this idea will work wonderfully for you. I know many of us are amateur cooks at best, and a clever way to cover that up is by preparing some simple breakfast items. A thoughtful gift doesn’t always have to cost much, and preparing breakfast is a physical manifestation of your effort. (Plus, you’ll most likely already have these items sitting in the fridge anyway) Fry some sausages and bacon strips, scramble some eggs, spread some jam on bread and you’re good to go! Just make sure to stay off the phone while you enjoy breakfast with dad – he deserves some quality time!

2. Staycay / Chalet / Family Day


What, your dad can’t be hip too? Youngsters like mua have been hot on the heels of the staycay trend in SG. A weekend stay at a hipster hotel with Mom or a chalet BBQ with the family could very well just be the rejuvenating break from work he needs. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, why not plan an excursion? You can also picnic at the Marina Barrage, head over to Sentosa, Haw Par Villa, the Chinese Gardens or the many attractions in Singapore for a little family day out. I’m sure it’ll be more exciting and fun than just the usual dinner gathering! Here’s me and my dad at the NSRCC chalet during my 21st bash. He was very happy to enjoy some billiard with his kids and a post-party steamboat dinner the next day.

3. Gift Basket



I’m not talking about those fancy gift baskets with loads of “expensive” stuff in it. Simply get a $2 box/basket from Daiso (you all know my love for Daiso) and buy some items your dad always seems to be using around the house. For instance, his facial wash, anti-hair loss shampoo (LOL), deodorant etc etc. If your Dad happens to be an amazing chef, a fancy new spatula or kitchen tools he’d be sure to need is good too.  You can even throw in his favourite beer and some chips if you want! The gift basket doesn’t need to be coherent, its main selling point is its pragmatism so don’t worry too much about aesthetics. Just be sure to double check before you end up buying something you thought he used but actually don’t!

4. Fitness gear



As the saying goes, health is wealth! And who doesn’t want their dad to be happy and healthy? If he’s not a fitness maniac like this uncle here, why not get him some new exercise gear to encourage him to work out and get rid of that beer belly! To take it up a notch, go on an exercise date with him. (especially if you’re not that fit yourself :P) It doesn’t have to be hard, playing some badminton or going for an evening walk around the park would easily suffice.

5. Fashion/Business Accessories



If you dad happens to be a busy businessman and is always travelling for work and going for meetings, why not get him something for work? The stylish business card holders by Gnome & Bow are a perfect gift – they are not only of excellent workmanship and quality, they can also be monogrammed for free this Father’s Day! That way you can still get something personalized just for you dad. If you prefer something else, they also offer wallets and bags in classic design suitable for dads of all ages.

Here’s wishing all dads a Happy Father’s Day! 🙂



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