The Makeup Conundrum

Okay, you might find this piece a little random. Or maybe even come to the conclusion that the opinions stated here are nothing new. But recently I have been seeing things on my news feed and I just can’t help snorting (yes legit snort) and rolling my eyes in disgust. So, for all you fellow makeup junkies out there, this is for you.

Basically, I just have problems with people commenting on my makeup. Asking me why I put on makeup (because they think I do it to hide my insecurity), telling me I have too much on (again, insecure), saying I look better without makeup.

Then when I go out into the world with my bare face, WITHOUT FAIL I will get at least one “you look so tired”. Confirm plus chop.

I am superrrr pek cek y’know. WHY do people feel a need to comment/ tell me what they think is better for my face??????? I honestly don’t do that to anyone, and I don’t really care if other girls wear makeup or not. Is really not my taiji what, care so much for what. Omg.

I am beyond exasperated.


A while ago, I saw this article, and I just felt like I HAD to say something. I shared it on my private account, along with my thoughts and some people liked and shared it. Guess what? All of them were girls.

So… I guess the makeup conundrum exists, eh?

To makeup or not makeup is literally a struggle for girls.

Before that I saw a FB status that went “I can’t wait for when all girls feel beautiful without makeup”. OH REALLY, YOU DO? COME TELL ME MORE PLS THX. And I can’t believe people liked it! Why do people like such pretentious BS! Seeing that really set something off in me.

There was also this other moment when my friends and I were walking into a Sephora store, and Gab was talking to my guy friend (let’s call him C) and going “Does your girlfriend put on makeup?” C replied very proudly, “No leh, she doesn’t. I mean she got do makeup when there’s formal events but even then, only a little bit.” Ur gf put or don’t put makeup, is something to be proud of meh?

I could only bite my tongue in despair.

Just a few days back, I didn’t wear makeup to work. (I wore a full face the previous day) Then my male coworker decided to tell me and the rest of the staff repeatedly that I “look so pretty without makeup, with makeup look like doll”. I was sure there wasn’t any malice behind so I just kept my silence. Although I must say I wasn’t particularly pleased.

Firstly, I admit:

Makeup can be used as a crutch. 



What? This point is totally not helping my case! Let me explain: I ADMIT that makeup can be used as a crutch when it comes to self-esteem and confidence.

I’ve blogged about this issue wayyyyy back before. I mean, like before I actually let anyone in my life know that I own a blog so it’s pretty much my senseless ramblings. You can read the 2013 post here LOL. If you’re too lazy to click on it I will summarise it for you. Basically I just confessed to feeling really ugly in my teens and using makeup to cover my face and then moving on to being less reliant on it, working on my self confidence etc etc. So please, before you all attack me, I already confessed to my “crime” of doing it to please people.

BUT makeup has helped me through a difficult time of self-bashing and self-loathe. So can I ask you, WHAT is so wrong about that? Even if I am insecure, so what? Am I bothering you with my made up face? Just click the cross button on the right hand corner, or go look at something else instead. There’s always a choice here. Nobody forced you to look at my face while we pass each other on the street. Besides, I would rather girls use makeup and clothes to help themselves feel better about themselves than more extreme methods like self-mutilating, eating disorders etc etc.

If the only thing you can point out is that “my insecurity”, then you probably don’t know me very well, isn’t it?

You’re not helping by pointing out that I’m insecure, fake, vain etc, whatever the heck you think I am. In fact, you probably don’t even truly care about my well-being at all, and you’re probably making my problems worse so why don’t you just stuff it.

Makeup should be celebrated for its ability to help girls and women get through daily life and the crap that society shoves at us. I don’t see what the problem is.

ASSUMING we are insecure. Or rather, assuming makeup is an effective indication of insecurity. 



Assumptions, assumptions. Why does wearing makeup automatically mean I am insecure?

How do you know if I am really insecure?

If I decide to put on a nice outfit that makes my waist look slimmer and put on some heels to make me taller, would you say that I am insecure? Why not? I am changing my appearance what, so doesn’t that mean I hate my figure/body? This doesn’t make sense right?

Sometimes people just want to look nice, cannot is it? Some people just want to look nice all the time, cannot is it?

Moreover, what about those who don’t wear makeup? Or rather, those who you THINK don’t wear makeup? (Let’s be honest, most of the time most guys can’t really tell if we’re wearing makeup unless we go all out, and slather on some eyeliner and whatnot)

Why can’t girls who don’t wear makeup be insecure? They can just as well be equally insecure or even more. Maybe they just don’t know how to wear makeup that’s why they don’t. Maybe they are just lazy. Or maybe they just like blending in with the crowd and avoid attention because they’re insecure.

I can still feel like crap about myself even without makeup on. Putting makeup on doesn’t guarantee I would suddenly feel all good about myself, and definitely doesn’t signal that I am insecure about my looks.

What’s the link?

And also, where are these girls that you are supposedly meeting and referring to?

If you meet girls at events, parties and clubs, please expect them to be all dolled up. Who dresses sloppily to such places?

Insecurity is a part of life. It’s normal to feel bad about yourself sometimes.



Okay calm down and hear me out. Insecurity is not a bad thing, it can teach you about humility and how to accept your weaknesses. Being confident doesn’t mean that I don’t have insecurities. It just means that I am at peace with my insecurities and what I deem are my flaws.

How you feel about yourself this minute and the next can CHANGE. How you feel about yourself changes multiple times from day to day, and sometimes even throughout the day. Your feelings of self-worth fluctuates as you go through life, and is not constant.

Therefore, a little insecurity won’t hurt anyone.

Makeup and a healthy self-esteem are NOT two extreme opposites.

They can perfectly co-exist.

Pretending you don’t like it when we put on makeup. 



Let’s all be honest here. We’re all geared towards aesthetically pleasing things. That’s why we even have terms like Golden Ratio, right?

Thinking we’re out to get you. 



The truth?



Most times when I wear makeup is because I’m going out with my friends or my bf, or I woke up early and have extra time to spare. It’s as simple as that.

Why can’t I just wear makeup because I like how I look with makeup? Even if I wear makeup every day, is it your concern? My clogged pores are my concerns and mine alone, tyvm.

At the end of the day, isn’t it more important to take the time to know the person better before casting any judgement on them? What is there to judge anyway? Whether or not we have cakes on our faces seems like a pretty silly thing to concern yourself over. Stop putting others down. Just play nice, and be nice to people. No matter whether they wear makeup or not.

And for all you girls out there, you do whatever you need to feel beautiful. Because you are beautiful. To hell with what other people say.



7 Replies to “The Makeup Conundrum”

    1. I totally get what you mean! Some girls just like to hate on other girls for no reason and it’s pretty confusing to me. Thanks for reading, and have a great day! Xx


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