Confessions of a Year 4

It’s scary to think that I’ll be graduating next May. To leave the comfort zone we call school and actually try to become an adult. At the same time, I can’t wait to leave school and the chance to start on something new! Conflicted child adult…

So I decided to pen a post dedicated to my four years in SMU. Here are some of my Year 4 feels:

Every morning (or 11am) I become a five year old kid.



I struggle to find reasons to crawl out of my sweet sweet bed every morning. No seriously, I am not a morning person and it’s especially bad now that I’m a senior.

What is GPA?


After so many semesters of struggling to get decent grades, I think a little of me died inside. I know this is hard to relate to for all the scholars and deans listers out there… but fellow mere mortals do you feel me? T_T

To every single shitty group mate ever:


While I would like to express my sincere thanks for teaching me how to multi-task, chase people for deadlines and carry projects (and acing it tyvm), please exit my life forever.

Class parting in class and not caring if what I say make sense or not.



Modules with no finals? Where do I sign up?


Just want to be done with this as fast as possible.

Me internally on a daily basis:


Why did I take this mod? Why did I choose this major? Why did I choose this school? Why did I even bother studying? *cries*

I hate freshies.


Sorry not sorry. Your loud energetic voices, voices that always sound so full of hope, never fail to grate on my ears in the corridors. No… Just no. I cringe to think that I was you once, and I wonder if I sounded like that. I hope not.

To all my juniors:


Feeling all Yoda-like.


Just kidding. I’ve retained nearly zilch of whatever’s been taught in school. Definitely do not ask me what is LTB, AS, or Creative Thinking about. Nicki says it all. Although I probably accumulated higher experience points than y’all lah LOL.

I constantly wish I was back on exchange.  


Every. Single. Day.

Plus, I am SO NOT READY for official adulthood. 


Resume? What resume?


Despite all my frustrations, I’m also feeling sad at the same time…
(In Chinese we say it’s 舍不得)

Because this is probably the last time I will get to spend so much time with my friends.


The days of 3 month long holidays are going to be over soon… No more chilling with nothing to do. IT’S OVER. Before long, life takes over and friends usually don’t meet as often. Cherish the time with your friends at this point. You’ll likely never get more.

The last time I will be “free” from adult responsibilities.


No bills, all chill. If only we could all be like Pikachu…

All in all, I think it’s safe to say I have a love-hate relationship with school.


If school was an actual person, this is probably what I’d say to its face. (or scream)

Now for the serious part of this post…

Looking back at my SMU journey, I really grew a lot. When I was younger, my parents never let me learn anything like music, art or dance because they were afraid I would have the “three minute passion” syndrome. They were probably right, I had no idea what I really liked all the way until uni!


In year one, I FINALLY got the chance to learn Latin dance, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been disciplined enough to continue learning on my own. I plucked up the courage to audition and I’m grateful for the experiences I gained and people I got to befriend. This platform not only gave me the opportunity to perform several times in front of actual human beings, it also gave me a chance to started creating and designing marketing materials which was part of what actually pushed me to declare Marketing as my major.


I also got to travel to Taiwan for an Overseas Community Service Project for three weeks. It was my first time away from home!


In year two, I got to visit several different companies from a range of industries (medicinal, social enterprises, bicycle manufacturing etc etc) in Taiwan for my Business Study Mission, precious industry visits that I’d probably never get to experience elsewhere. After that, I got to intern with a super nice boss whom I still keep in touch with.


In year three, I went to Sweden for a six month study exchange and got to see the world with my beloved. REALLY REALLY grateful I got this chance to explore the world. Thanks papa and mommy! ♥

This past semester, I did so many things and tried so many things and most of them have good outcomes so yay! Shoutout to Team Game Face LOL.

Of course, I got to learn many life lessons along the way through both bitter and sweet encounters. Not to mention the handful of good friends I managed to make throughout my coming-to-four years.

And not forgetting the fact that I got to meet the love of my life in uni hehehe ^^

Thank you SMU for all the shit and the tough love you’ve given me.

If you’ve so kindly bothered to read till here – sending you guys loads of love from Penang. More updates soon.



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