Peekaboo, I see you

I seem to have developed a penchant for the midi skirt; its impeccable amalgamation of style and comfort has made it a constant in my closet. This wardrobe staple is once again featured in this particular coordinate, and this time in form of a gorgeous white maxi with cut-out details. The trick to mastering the midi skirt look is to pick the right one; and cut-out details are an example of how one can add more dimension and length despite additional fabric. Pair the skirt with complimentary pieces that will flatter and accentuate all the right places. For instance, heels with skinny straps are perfect to highlight the ankles and elongate the frame.

Fun fact: the entire outfit is sourced from Taobao, my new go-to for trendy and affordable clothes. The heels are only three. frikin. dollars. I might very well just have sparked off a #taobaofashion trend…

How have your holidays been so far? I hope it’s been great and the new year will be even better. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🙂



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