FACE Stockholm Pearl Shadow Review

Face Stockolm


As per the self-explanatory post title, I’m back with yet another beauty product review! I thought it would be fitting to have my last post of 2015 as a beauty one! I know it’s been ages since I last did one but I didn’t want to rush into reviewing my new stash from Europe for the sake of having content. So I took my time to really test each item out before I came to my own conclusions; today I am reviewing the Pearl Shadow range from FACE Stockholm that I purchased during my five month stay in Europe.

FACE Stockholm Collection

I was searching for Swedish beauty brands to try out when I stumbled across FACE Stockholm and was intrigued immediately. However, the Swedish outlets were mainly in Stockholm and Göteborg so I only got the chance to visit their shop when I went to Stockholm. The outlet is clean, neat and of minimalist design – much like their beauty products!

FACE Stockholm Matte Eyeshadow

The matte shadow range

Unfortunately, FACE Stockholm isn’t available in Asia currently so it’s unlikely I will get to showcase more of their products in the short term.

Pearl #23

Pearl Shadow #23, Peach Glow

You can see from the fallout that I’ve been using this quite often! I decided to go for the Pearl Shadow range because I prefer to have a little shimmer when I do my eye makeup; matte shadows are a little more difficult to blend.  The shimmery subtle jewel tones really caught my eye and I settled on the Peach Glow that’s more of a pinkish coral tone. I thought that coral tones were only for lighter and cooler skin tones but I was pleasantly surprised with how this ended up on my eyes!

However, I have a tiny issue with the packaging. There was no box, no seal, and it just came in the pot alone unlike the eyeliner which came in a box. It is a little unhygienic imo.


I’ll admit, it was pretty hard trying to capture the full colour of this on camera. It has hints of pink, gold and orange at the same time and it’s super gorgeous! I think it works really well as a standalone everyday colour, or as a layering option for a look with more depth.

Look #1

Here I have on my eyes a layered look, using FACE Stockholm as the main colour and Kiko Milano eyeshadow as the crease colour (both are my current favourites). I have used both eyeshadows separately numerous times so my review of FACE is independent.

The colour payoff is pretty legit and is really flattering on the eyes. It looks vibrant, and is long-lasting for about 7 hours with eyeshadow base on (This photo was taken about 5 hours in). It definitely does fade towards the end of the night, but I think it had a good run considering the humidity and crazy weather we’ve been having lately. There isn’t any glitter fallout, and the colour doesn’t smudge at all. I would give this eyeshadow a solid 8/10.

Look #2

Lips: 3CE | Eyeshadow: FACE Stockholm & Kiko Milano | Eyeliner: Urban Decay | Lashes: Lancome | Concealer: Rimmel | Foundation: Bourjois

Happy 2016 everyone! 🙂



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