Work 3

With my crazy schedule, I am falling in love with outfits that are a breeze to put on, ones that you slip on and are ready to go.  Finding coordinates that are this comfy and still look office appropriate is not an easy task, but I somehow managed to stumble upon this perfect pair of pants. Culottes are SO comfy and yet so incredibly stylish. I have only myself to blame for not discovering this earlier. High waisted to give the illusion of a slimmer waistline, the peg leg silhouette enhances your waist even further. Throw on a structured top to add some formality and balance the relaxed fit of the pants. Keep your tongue in cheek attitude by going for a crop top! Pair with a chunky necklace and light, neutral accessories to complete the look.

Work 1

Tbh, these photos are photoshop-free and I’m slowly starting to be okay with that. They’ve just been touched up slightly to blur the background and fix the lighting but that’s about it. I like how I look, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Lumps, curves and flaws – they’re mine and I think it’s time to embrace them. I think it’s age, it’s made me realise there’s more to the world and people simply don’t give much of a fart about how you look as long as you’re not wearing a potato sack.

Work 2

Top: One Daisy | Pants: Taobao | Heels: Taobao | Bag: Furla | Necklace: F21

Work 4

Keep your game face on and your head up high. Reminder to self: you’re strong enough to face whatever life throws at you.

Till next time.



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