Pinafore Petit

Pinafore Petit 4

School smart is back in style – the pinafore is the go-to dress this season and I am loving it. The capital of all things cutesy and girly, Korea was naturally where I found the pinafore of my dreams. I opted for classic spaghetti straps and a flattering skater dress while employing simple colour blocking for a bright, breezy look that’s perfect for exploring the streets of Seoul. Injected an element of athleisure with my  jersey socks and trusty Adidas that forms a nice contrast to the preppy coordinate, and topped it off with my black sun hat from Uniqlo.

Before I move on to more pictures, check out the haul video I did for my Korea and Japan trip below:

I’ll be uploading more ootds and travelogues soon so keep a look out for that as well!

Pinafore Petit 3

Hat: Uniqlo | Top & Pinafore: Korea Dongdaemun | Socks: Korea | Shoes: Adidas | Bag: Elle

Pinafore Petit 1

In case you’re wondering why my dress is wrinkled, it’s because it’s straight out of the packaging and there wasn’t any iron in my Airbnb!

Pinafore Petit  2

Update: Always look forward, never stay in the past. Don’t waste time mulling over what you can’t control.

Till next time.



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