Barcelona & Coasta Brava


It’s been quite some time since I updated this blog because I’ve been swamped with work. The past month had me covering some extra duties and I’ve yet to properly had time to take a breather. On my off days I just want to lay in bed and watch cartoons all day, so. Bad news to the crazy backlog of unedited photos in my memory cards ): But I’ve decided to clear some of my exchange photos so I can refresh my memory on my awesome adventures with the nerd and also motivate me to get a vacay real soon. Desperately need one but broke af. It’s been a while since we both had time to go on a proper date and I just hate how life gets in the way… SO GTFO LIFE!!! Adulting is hard… If you’re reading this and you’re somehow below 18, SLOW THE F DOWN. Don’t grow up so soon, trust me.

As you can tell from the title of this post, today’s photo diary is from our lovely trip to Barcelona June 2015 LOL


(I say day 1 but this is actually the last leg of our Europe travel! Before this I was actually travelling in Nice and Monaco for 3 days already before arriving in Barcelona, maybe I’ll share about that next – chronological order means nothing at this point. Also if I get any details like names, places wrong please forgive me as I am writing this from memory more than a year after this happened.)

I chose to stay in Residencia Melondistrict Marina, Barcelona – a hostel-hotel that’s actually not that cheap because I got the private room and bath but then the location beside a crematorium and it being 15 min near an off central train stop sort of cancelled it out. The room was tiny though, but we only stayed 2 nights so we made do!

BARCELONA (1 of 23)

Our first stop was the famous La Sagrada Familia. It was super gorgeous and breathtaking, all the intricate details of the architecture was seriously impressive. However, my camera lens is way too narrow so we did not attempt any selfies (this is taken across the street lol). There were a lot a lot of people there, no kidding.

BARCELONA (4 of 23)

We then went to Placa de Catalunya to fill our tummies and do some serious shopping for Spanish fast fashion brands! I love how everywhere is so perfect for people watching in Europe. You can just sit anywhere in the open space and look at people walking pass all day.

BARCELONA (3 of 23)

Went up to one of the department store at the square for the food court to get some sky view dining for our cheap asses.

BARCELONA (2 of 23)

In case you’re wondering, the salmon is mine and the two rolls of bread was the nerd’s lunch as he didn’t fancy anything on the menu LOL. We shared the blackcurrant chocolate cake! The lighting makes the food looks super delish even though it was so-so irl BUT I AM SO HUNGRY LOOKING AT THIS RIGHT NOWWW

BARCELONA (5 of 23)

BARCELONA (16 of 23)After lunch and spending too much time at Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius etc, we wondered down the streets into this gorgeous square inside the Gothic Quarter.

BARCELONA (6 of 23)

Gorgeous sea port view that the nerd and I sat down and enjoyed for a little while.

BARCELONA (7 of 23)

 Ate dinner at this yucky tourist trap of a place and SUPER REGRET believing the waiter instead of what I read online. I ordered paella to share for both of us, and he told me the paella is meant for one pax, so the nerd ordered a Hawaiian pizza as well. I FINISHED THIS BY MYSELF BECAUSE I WAS SO ANGRY AT THE WAITER OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT NOW NO WONDER I GREW FAT LOL. The table of two ang moh dudes next to us were perfectly happily sharing their paella. Waiter was rude and unattentive af, super bad attitude. I felt sooo cheated and super regret choosing that diner -____-

DO NOT EAT ALONG THE TOURIST TRAP!!!! Instead, just go to the Carrefour there and get your salad, bread, cup noodles etc! Much cheaper and won’t get cheated by all these rude ass waiters booooo


Day 2 is the EXCITING day because I kind of forced the nerd to do something he hated – kayaking. I was quite sick of shopping, church viewing etc because tbh Europe architecture look pretty much the same everywhere and after 6 months I was sick of it. So I decided to do something different, something slightly more adventurous so I booked a tour to Costa Brava, an hour drive from Barcelona. It’s still pretty under-discovered as there’s little to no information about this area online (in English at least) but the beach is super beautiful and we spent about one to two hours out on the ocean kayaking.

BARCELONA (8 of 23)

Travelled through this beautiful park before arriving at the pick-up location. I only visited Parc de la Ciutadella – Cascada Monumental because the statue on top is actually called Aurora hahaha


BARCELONA (9 of 23)

 Hello, beautiful.


Booked Excursions Barcelona for 60 Euros for 2 incl sandwich for lunch. Tbh I felt a bit cheated as the photos look damn nice on their site but the actual photos that they took for me were…. questionable at best.

hahahhahahaha damn wth hor!!!! Feel so sad that I didn’t get my  waterproof casing the day before (was shopping around for it but failed) then I can snap pics. Damn wtf.

But it was funny because the nerd & I teamwork fail and cannot keep the bloody kayak straight for nuts. We travelled in a zigzag line all the way. I think it’s me (reference to my horrible sec 3 OBS experience). I was quite pissed at that time because I was seriously dehydrated and we were going sooo slowly. Also I cannot do snorkelling for nuts water keeps getting into my mouthpiece CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY. I bite on it damn hard also cannot wtf!!!

But I was proud of myself for volunteering to jump off the tiny ledge after the first dude. I screamed and didn’t close my mouth in time so I drank some Spanish sodium chloride that day.

I paid 60 euros to find out I should just stick to malls and churches….

BUT! The pics at the beach was gorgeous 🙂 I quickly wolfed down my sandwich and grabbed my camera to snap some pics by the beach because the waves were seducing me.

BARCELONA (10 of 23)


BARCELONA (11 of 23)BARCELONA (12 of 23) BARCELONA (13 of 23) BARCELONA (14 of 23) BARCELONA (15 of 23)

Thank you to the nerd for being willing to get out of my comfort zone with me. ♡

BARCELONA (18 of 23)

Dropped off the bus and went to explore more of the main square and the famous buildings by Gaudi.

BARCELONA (19 of 23) BARCELONA (22 of 23)

BARCELONA (23 of 23)

Yeah I tan super easily even though I religiously applied sunscreen every chance I could on that kayaking trip. But ok lah, tan then can hide my roundness hahahah

That’s the end of my stay in Barcelona before moving on to Madrid, will cover that sooooonish here promise!

Feels good to be blogging again and it feels lovely to revisit my travels! I’ve found Flickr as a solution for my gallery limit problem, so yay to more posts soon I hope! (If work doesn’t kill me)

Loads of hugs and kisses, hope everyone reading this is well! 🙂



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