Dusty Pink


Yeoboseyo! ย Hello in Korean seems apt to kickstart yet another Fashion roundup from my Grad trip earlier this year, this time in the heart of the National Palace Museum in Seoul. Keeping everything easy and on the go is always key to enjoying your travels, and the secret lies in a trusty pair of sneakers. I’ve been lugging my clumsy feet around in my Adidas running shoes forever, and I don’t plan on changing it until my shoes give way – they’re that comfy!


Craft a coordinate with the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity by mixing softer colours with darker tones! Here I paired a dusty rose top with a dark grey midi bandage to achieve this look. A high crew neck complements the mid-calf length of my skirt, and a fitted silhouette accentuates curves (read: food baby) and peppers sophistication into your outfit. As with all travels, I am seen with my hardy Elle bag that is a sure staple due to its functionality! I prefer to use a dark, safer bag in order to match most of my outfits on vacations rather than carry novelty bags for particular outfits and wasting precious luggage space!


Shades: Tokyo | Top & skirt: Dongdaemun | Socks: Uniqlo Japan | Shoes: Adidas


Seoul was amazing, the shopping was jaw dropping fantastic and I can’t wait to go back!

Here’s to more travels in the future!



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