kitty (2 of 5) Channelling a little Ariana

The well-known secret to the perfect crop top look is going high-waisted. And if you’re harbouring a full-time food baby like me, that’s a strong hallelujah. A girl knows showing just a peek of skin adds a little coyness into the mixture, and you get bonus points for extra comfort. Protip: pair two different textures together to add more dimension and extra details to your coordinate! If your idea is for them to complement, try looking for pieces with just a hint of texture (such as the black shorts with a small lace border that I’m sporting here) to go with a piece that is solely made from texture, like the knit crop top I’m wearing. I find that I tend to gravitate towards knit crop tops because they’re sturdier and provide a nice textured look. For accessories, I picked this gorgeous rose cat ears that I picked up at TEMT for only $9.90. Since my headgear is pretty loud, I opted for subtlety for my necklace and went with a thin grey beaded choker. I’m not loving the thick choker trend because well, chokers choke.

kitty (3 of 5)

Crop tops, cat ears, chokers…. reminds you of anyone? Ariana has always been a style icon known for popularising her signature cute style and tbh, a toned-down made for real life version of her celebrity clothes is pretty much what I would wear all the time! So I’m sure it’s no coincidence why I’m sort of twinning with her 🙂

kitty (5 of 5)

Top: Ximending | Shorts: Shilin Night Market | Choker: Lovisa | Headband: TEMT |Ring: Pandora

kitty (4 of 5)

Check out the short vlog I did of my staycay at W Hotel, where these pictures were taken in our wonderful Away suite!

I can’t wait to show you guys more pictures of my amazing staycay at W Hotel!



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