IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Holiday Set Review


I LOVE the holiday season because it’s basically heaven for a makeup junkie like me. Sephora starts stocking all the gorgeous holiday gift sets and they are just calling out to me, asking for a space in the unicorn land of my beauty collection. And this time, I’ve decided to splurge on the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Your Superhero Eyes Must-Have Set. Phew, that was a mouthful!

The reason why I purchased this was because I’ve been hearing a lot about IT Cosmetics from the beauty YouTube community so I’ve been really wanting to try this out. And when I went into Sephora and swatched this, I was like I have to get this. And so… I walked out with a $45 dent in my pocket. (No, I didn’t purchase this on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I’ve stopped most of my impulse buying when sales happens because I find that I usually regret the purchase as I typically buy it just for the low price.)


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate my efforts at a flatlay. Thank you my gorgeous ombre sheets for being my background.


The Naturally Pretty Essentials eyeshadow palette comes with six matte shades and one highlighting shadow with a pearlescent finish. I love the girly glam packaging because it’s right up my alley, plus the slim compact is a snug fit inside my travel beauty bag! But I would have to deduct points for a certain lack of practicality because I am sure to get makeup all over the case and it would probably look terrifying in a few months.


Swatch from Top to Bottom: Imagine, Wonder, Dream, Passion, Intrigue, Allure

The matte eyeshadows are incredibly soft and creamy. They are of a velvety texture that makes you feel all luxurious for using them. Fancy! Each colour is super pigmented but the payoff varies. Particularly for Passion, which took quite a few finger swatches for the colour to be substantially visible. However, the palette is called “naturally pretty”, so perhaps the softness in colour payoff was intentional for a day-to-day look.

Application wise, using my Sephora brushes, they picked up well and transferred well. Colour does show up easily and blends surprisingly seamlessly, which alleviated my fears about the blending ability of matte shadows.

The “Hello Transforming Light” lends a multi-purpose dimension to this whole palette, which makes it more bang for the buck. This highlighting shade is able to work well alone, and also turn your matte shadows into satin ones! This would work great on the colour for the middle of the eyelid. Do note that shine factor is minimal, do not expect tons of shine that you find in foil shadows.

I find that the glitter specks for this are a little too large for my liking, so I would not use this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I would instead use it to line my lower lash line, as well as highlighting the brow bone for standalone highlighting duties.


I. am. in. LOVE. with this mascara. !!!
I know I say this about almost every new addition to my collection, but I am feeling Superhero right now. As you can see, the brush comb is not overly thick / dramatic as compared to mega volumising mascaras such as Better Than Sex. I find these much easier to comb through more of my sparse Chinese girl lashes. It definitely lengthens, and its effect is much more subtle and natural, suitable for a day look.



As you can see, there are no clumps on my lashes! Usually I have to clean up the clumps for wetter formulas and bigger brushes, but this one has the right combination of brush and formula. I am very pleased to report that it does not smudge after 12 hours.

This subtle cat eye look was achieved by first layering the base shade Imagine (I love this clever name, Imagine what look I can do next after this!) and then Dream for the middle of the eyelid and Intrigue for the ends. I also lined my eyes with Allure before applying my liquid eyeliner from Heroine Make. I don’t know why the two eyes look uneven in this pic but I swear they look the same irl fml because obvi I didn’t spam one brown spot at the inner eye area right?! LOL

I also highlighted my brow bone with the Hello Transforming Light.


Overall, the naturally pretty essentials delivered what it promised – a natural eye look that makes you look younger! Mostly because of the neutral shades and the low-key matte shades that are the polar opposites of unicorn circus Instagram makeup looks.

I am very happy with this purchase because it is 100% cruelty-free and is made of natural ingredients good for your skin.



IT Cosmetics has thoroughly impressed me with its excellent quality. Definitely a great buy! I would definitely repurchase the mascara when this travel size runs out for sure!

Long-lasting, smudgeproof and creaseproof; godsend for someone who hates touching up her makeup.

Multi-purpose palette of great quality, value for money.

Matte eyeshadows blend easily and highlighting shade acts as a backup disguise for mistakes, so this palette suits both well-versed and beginner users.

The palette is a timeless, classic good-to-have in your collection if you’re sorely in need for matte shades like me.

Not the best packaging in terms of practicality and durability – cardboard packaging = no water whatsoever, so no doing your makeup in the bathroom!

Colour payoff varies, especially for lighter shades.

Only for natural, no/less makeup looks.


Yes, if you’re not a beginner.
Yes, if you’re a fan of neutral looks.

I hope you found this review useful and here’s to more beauty reviews coming soon! 🙂

Happy holidays!



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