HERA Lipsticks Review


I couldn’t resist adding these beauties to my collection…

Got them as a last minute purchase at the airport; apparently there was a promotion for a free beauty kit if I bought three lipsticks. If I remember correctly, it was 72000 won for the whole set. The display retail price for one lipstick was about 38000 won / 50+ sgd so I decided to try them out!

The packaging of the lipsticks is really simple and elegant – their signature glossy black with gold rim that is reminiscent of high end luxury beauty brands. You can clearly tell how HERA is trying to brand itself. If you’re into that sort of thing, Jun Jihyun wears HERA lipsticks in Legend of the Blue Seas. In case you can’t tell, I stumbled upon this fact that i couldn’t care less about on Google.

Upon first swatch in the airport store I noticed that all of the lipsticks there were really glossy, even their “matte” collection and darker shades had a little bit of sheen to it. Perhaps an homage to the dewy look so sought after by K-beauty fanatics. For a girl that really loves her liquid lipsticks and her mattes, it was a tad disappointing. If you’re looking for vampy lips, turn around and try someplace else.

However, I have to say that the colours are really pigmented and appear easily upon swatching:


L to R: 136 Rouge Holic, 346 Rouge Holic, 334 Rogue Holic Exceptional


I did not open them before the counter staff sealed them into the plastic bag, and upon opening them back at home, I noticed a weird black streak along the two darker shades. However, it did not appear to affect the application or colour payoff. Maybe that’s why they were on sale?


The lipsticks themselves are extremely soft and creamy, you almost feel like you’re using a lip balm stick! I did not have to put on a bottom layer of chapstick as these are super moisturising and did not dry my lips at all, no cracks whatsoever. They also have a slight floral, jasmine-ty scent to them, a nice change from the waxy feel and smell of other brands.


You know how sometimes when you buy a lipstick and from the packaging it looks so pretty but when you put it on it looks like a completely different colour?! Well, HERA lipsticks claim to solve this problem once and for all.

The colours are made with “True Shade Pigment”, meaning that the colour that you see, will be the colour that will appear on your lips. I can attest to this for all three shades that I bought! I was apprehensive at first; my naturally dark lips meant that often lighter or sheer shades are completely unseen on me. Yet HERA managed to pleasantly surprise me.

Shade 146 

Shade 146 is a sheer glossy pink, with the most obvious satin finish out of all three shades.
Definitely my go-to for a natural look.


Shade 346

Shade 346 is a deeper reddish pink with a slightly cooler tone to it. Very flattering for people with warmer skin tones.


  Shade 334

Shade 334 is from the Rogue Holic Exceptional line, which is slightly higher priced. Shade 334 is a warm red with a slightly coral tone to it. Tbh to me there’s no discernible difference between the two lines, although HERA is trying to tell me different.


Super creamy and luscious lipsticks. Soft, pretty colours that are quite vibrant and true to shade. Very moisturising.

Not transfer proof in the least, will require multiple touch ups in the day. Definitely not a long wear lipstick.

Overall Verdict:
More suitable for people who prefer natural looks that aren’t too intense.

I hope you enjoyed this little review. Happy Valentine’s everyone!



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