Village Hotel Changi Staycay

Decided to book a staycation at Village Hotel Changi to celebrate the nerd’s birthday on 15-16 Apr! I also made a short vlog so go ahead and click above to watch it!

I’m still using iMovie to edit so it isn’t anything too fancy! Just a heads up, haha.

– The Coast Settlement –


Flat white & milo dinosaur


Portbello mushroom & eggs with kale chips


Berry Waffles

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-09 (2)

Me vlogging

Overall, the menu isn’t particularly impressive and I still prefer Chock full of Beans! It’s cheaper for average tasting food. TCS is great for the atmosphere, not so great if you were expecting food that better blow you away for the hefty price tags.

– Infinity Pool –

Went for a swim after we digested our lunch! It was a PH weekend so it was super duper crowded with families and the pool was a ruckus so we didn’t stay very long. Went back for a dip before check-out on Sunday and the pool was almost empty!

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-09 photo_2017-04-17_00-54-08 (6) photo_2017-04-17_00-54-07 (2)

I think people I know are all scratching their heads over my recent spam of me frolicking in my bikini at the pool on my Instagram (@huiminxoxo) since I’m no influencer hahaha. I NEVER edit any of my bikini shots, with the exception of filter and lighting. What that means is I don’t photoshop any lumps, rolls, scars, marks etc away. I don’t enhance or shrink anything either. What you see is pretty much what you get. I’ve been working hard on being ok with what I see in the mirror and in my photos and I feel that posting my photos online kind of forces me to accept that I’m not perfect but I can still look good. I can still feel myself despite my flaws, nobody notices them but me.

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-08 (3)
Love the gorgeous kimono from TEMT

– La Catina –

Had dinner at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and its classic decor brought me back to Italy.

Me with my veggie pasta!


Was super hungry after the swim so I ordered “pizza bread” and OMG it’s the best shit on earth. I hate cheese, even vegan cheese, so this is perfect as it’s just the pizza base and tomato salsa omg yum. The nerd and I both agreed that it’s delish!


Le cutie


Thanks for spending the weekend with me!


Wearing one of my favourite dresses from MDS! But the material is super clingy so uh, best not to eat too full. Or use flash photography. Or breathe. I kid.

– Chock Full of Beans –

photo_2017-04-17_00-54-08 (2)

Used to be able to do foam art on hot drinks grandfather time ago but when we went there we were told they only do for cold coffees now!


My hello kitty not very kitty leh ):


After that we went to catch some Pokemon at Changi Beach! I managed to catch a Pikachu and a Jinx! Wearing this gorgeous forest green scallop skater dress from MYSASSYDREAM.


Make of the day ~

IMG_1882 IMG_1885

Decided to go cycling with one of the many o Bikes parked there!


Final dip in the pool!



To the nerd, I love you and Happy birthday!



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