Hi there!

By clicking on the about button, I’m assuming that you want to know more about me, right? *megawatt smile*

I love fashion and makeup. I’m no fashionista, but boy do I love shopping. When I go out, I like my dresses and my high heels. That’s my style. I know there’s a lot of girls with edgy and trendy looks, but I’m team girly girl. I like makeup because I can express my mood – sometimes when I’m feeling bold and flashy, I thicken my eyeliner and throw in some smokey eye, sometimes when I’m just out for a movie I slap on some neutral eyeshadow.

I have a nerdy side too – I love to read novels. I can curl up in bed all day and read three novels, and be happy. Love stories, fantasy and classic novels are my dig. I don’t pretend to be worldly, I know what I like. I also write poems and short stories in my spare time.

I come from a loving family with great parents. Great parents = great kid hahaha. Though I am the oldest, I feel like I’m the youngest because my brothers always take care of me. I feel so blessed having such nice people to take care of me and have my back. Thanks family! ❤

My favourite colour is obviously pink, and I love Hello Kitty. Yes, the evil marketers have successfully suckled me of my money. Actually, no. I like pink and KT, but I can live without them. You gotta admit though, it’s much more fun to use a hello kitty pink pen than it is to use a black ballpoint one.

I also eat. A lot. I’m not like girls who take two pretty bites and then declare they’re full. I stuff myself with chocolate, ice cream and cake. I’m surprised I’m not a fat kid. At least my efforts at the gym has proved somewhat useful… right?

That’s all I can think of at the moment… Don’t be silly, how can I squeeze 100% of my life into this short page? Click on my posts if you can’t get enough of me! (;

If you’ve successfully made your way through this ramble, congratulations. And thank you for reading me. You’re awesome.



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