Hair By La Source – Luscious, Designer Hair

Hi lovelies!

La source hair salon

Today I’m going to be talking a bit about my wonderful hair experience with La Source Spa! My fabulous hair stylist Angie invited me for a hair makeover and managed to do yet another hair masterpiece on me again! I’m so pleased with the results and that’s why I’m sharing more with you guys here.

LASOURCE (1 of 1)

Hair by La Source prides themselves on providing customers with luxurious, healthy hair without any harsh chemicals! They’re also committed to creating customised master class hair treatments that nourish your hair from within, resulting in luscious locks and happy customers.

Hair by La Source is managed by La Source Spa, a well known award-winning luxury boutique spa in Singapore. La Source Spa offers a 360 degree concept to beauty and wellbeing, from various exclusive beauty to hair treatments.

LASOURCE (2 of 1)
LASOURCE (4 of 1)
LASOURCE (3 of 1)

Upon stepping in to the salon, the pretty and tranquil interior totally just uplifted my mood!


The receptionist was also quick to serve me a complimentary drink and fresh fruits!


I made my way down on a Sunday, and was served by Angie attentively. Also I’m really glad that they have four outlets at each seat so it’s easy for customers to charge their phones while waiting to get their hair done 🙂

I got my hair re-coloured in a gorgeous ash grey lavender balayage that is not only office appropriate but also satisfies the wild, creative side in me!

hair before

Dyed back in January, my hair had grown to become a dull brown that was in desperate need of a makeover. The ends were getting a bit frizzy and also needed trimming of the dead ends.


hair after 2

I have always opted for lighter hair colours because I didn’t really see myself with darker hair colours but Angie as usual surprised me with her work! I really think the balayage suits me nicely.

balayage la source

A close-up of the pretty lavender colour blending in nicely with the ash grey! My hair was expertly prelightened by Angie using a sombré technique, before doing a root retouch and colour melt to achieve this final look.

la source balayageLa source hair

I love the fact that in natural lighting, my hair appears more warm and soft while under indoor lighting, it’s darker and more cool!

La source hair and spa

I also love the fact that it looks both trendy yet subtle enough to wear to office!

hair after

Taken right outside the salon ~

My hair is naturally wavy, and I have worked hard over the last couple of years to try and maintain its natural waviness by adopting a wavy/curly hair routine. This is how my hair looks like when I roll out of bed after washing my hair the prior night. I usually sneakily walk out of the house and avoiding combing my hair because it will only make my hair poof out in a half-straight, half-curly way that just does my hair no justice.  I find that a lot of stylists don’t really understand how to deal with wavy/curly hair and simply write my hair off as dry, damaged and beyond frizzy. They expect my hair to have the same texture as dead straight hair, and that’s just not going to happen. It’s hard to find a good stylist! That’s why I’m sticking to my stylist Angie. She’s done my hair over the last three years and I find that not only does she know what she’s doing, she can also appreciate my hair LOL.

So that’s why I’m recommending La Source and Angie to you guys!

They’re currently having several promotions for June:


Hair colouring is now at $88 and they’ve just come up with a GSS promo consisting of treatment + bayalage highlightsat only $188! Definitely don’t miss out on this great offer!

La Source Spa
15 Scotts Road, #01-03/04 Thong Teck Building

+65 6732 1318
Facebook| Instagram | Website 


*Post sponsored by Hair by La Source. 


Street Sweet / Gaston Luga Backpack Review

IMG_8722Keeping it sweet on the street

WHAT’S UP YOU GUYSSSSS AND GIRRLSSSS! I feel like it’s been ages and don’t you miss these OOTD titles? 😛

So I recently received this gorgeous backpack from Gaston Luga and I just want to talk about how it’s really a great addition to any outfit!

When the team at GL got in touch with me and asked me to review their bags I immediately said yes because I was looking for a new backpack – my existing ones weren’t all that work appropriate because they were really brightly coloured or had Hello Kitty plastered all over them. So even though I could really bring a lot of stuff in the traditional backpack, I wanted something a little more complementary to my adulting lifestyle. What perfect timing!


I had a choice between three different backpacks (you can view them on the site), the Clässic, the Pråper and the Clässy. I picked the Clässy bag in Navy & Brown because I love how preppy it looks! Also I’m not that big of a fan of the double clasps design because I find it a hassle most of the time when I’m digging for stuff in the nerd’s Herschel, so I think the single clasp design of the Clässy is perfect because it’s a balance of functional and polished design!


The bag body is made out of canvas and that’s great for durability and the corners at the bottom have these metallic feet that will prevent the bag from having holes at the corner from wear and tear! There’s also a laptop sleeve inside so it’s perfect to bring out for a study session, or a lunch work meeting.

Also, I really like the neutral and classic design of this bag that makes it so easy to match with most outfits.


At the back, there’s this passport pocket sleeve that’s meant for keeping your passport safe during travelling but I just keep all my makeup and cards in there and IT FITS! During that day I stuffed my ez-link card, my house key, my concealer, my lipstick and lip balm inside and I didn’t feel a thing carrying it on my back so that’s a major plus point in my book. The sleeve makes up for the chunky-looking front pocket most typical backpacks have!

This backpack has a lot of thoughtful design and I am LOVING IT. I always throw a lot of my stuff into a really big bag like my Longchamp or Jansport etc, and everything gets lost inside and trying to retrieve anything is just really a waste of time as I usually spend like a good 5 to 10 min trying to find something in the abyss of my bag. But there are actually two pockets inside the bag apart from the laptop sleeve, and they are PERFECT for slipping in your portable battery, camera or any smaller items that might get lost in the bag easily. For me, it’s also a good place to store my extra period products and my trusty hand sanitiser.


I also really like how this bag is a sleeker take on the classic double clasps backpack silhouette because it’s really catered for petite girls like me! I never bought a Herschel for myself because I find that it overwhelms my frame and this is the perfect size.


Top: Hollister | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Adidas | Bracelet: Naiise | Necklace: Lovisa | Bag: Gaston Luga


Decided to edge up the backpack by dressing a little more street-style and I love how it still matches the look 🙂 As I usually dress pretty feminine, I think this is a mixture of “street” and “classy” that’s still within my comfort zone! I really like how the millennial pink pays homage to my usual style and it blends well with the metallic elements of my coordinate. (Is this self praise over yet, haha)

Just FYI, I was carrying my dance stuff in the bag and they fit inside together with my huge wallet and all my other usual stuff – it gives the bag a nice shape as well hahaha.

If you’ve been patient enough to scroll through my genuine praise for this bag, there’s also a SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR MY READERS!

I know that the bag is more on the pricier side so this discount will really come in handy if you do decide to purchase it!

They offer FREE shipping for Singapore,  and there is a 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country). On top of that, if you use my discount code “huiminxoxo15”, you get an ADDITIONAL 15% off the total price!

Also, shipping is done via express DHL shipping so your bag will come in 2-3 working days and that’s really really fast!

I am really loving this bag and I’m so excited to bring this around on my travels because it’s so handy and stylish!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! Hopefully I’m going to have some time to update on my recent trips on this space and do some reviews I’ve been wanting to!


All photos shot with iPhone 7 Plus and Canon G7
This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions are of my own after I have tried and tested the product on numerous occasions. 

The Comb Hair Studio



I’m SUPER EXCITED to share with you my experience with The Comb!





Check out my new hair!

Chio hor?! *heart eyes emoji*

I’ve been wanting to get pink hair since forever but didn’t have the guts to get a full head of pink. I was looking at some ombre hair inspo and finally took the leap of faith and left my hair fate in the hands of my awesome stylist Angie! And I’m so glad I did because I’m super happy with my hair!!!


The Comb Hair Studio is a Korean hair salon snugly based in a quaint shophouse. It is conveniently located, only a 5 minutes walk from Telok Ayer MRT Station. I easily found my way there.

I actually made my way down twice to the cozy salon. Once was for a quick root touch up and the second time was to dye my hair ombre, so the photos shown here are from the two trips. I dyed my hair a few months before flying off for exchange and didn’t want to damage my hair so I ended up having roots that showed in almost all of my photos ): But no worries, Angie came to my rescue and immediately made my hair look all gorgeous again!

When I entered the salon, I was quickly seated by the pretty Korean receptionist, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself offered a service menu. The Comb serves a variety of coffee and teas so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like!



I decided to go for the French Earl Grey and it was so good that I had it again the second time round! Maybe because it’s a new salon, their magazine selection is also very up to date, I like!


I super love the fact that they use the ear moulds to protect your ears so you won’t feel the burning sensation of the dye! These ones are more rubbery and fit nicely to your ears. This is from my first visit to the salon, you can see that my roots are being dyed here. When I went there at 1.30pm on a weekday, it was pretty crowded and customer after customer kept switching places. All the hair stylists were busy making the customers look beautiful! 😀


After bleaching my hair and washing the dye off, topped off with a very shiok head massage! Check out my root touch up! The biscuit wrapper is there because I rushed down to the salon and didn’t have time for breakfast so I grabbed a snack on the way out. The bleaching and dyeing process took about 5 hours, and halfway through I became damn hungry so had to eat lah ok!


hair 1

My hair after Angie did her magic! I really like the fact that the ombre is pretty gradual and the purple blends seamlessly into the pink parts! Really super happy with my hair! Spot the cushion under the table? Is for you to put on your lap so you can rest your hands on it and comfortably scroll through your phone. So I didn’t have to bend my head all the way down all the time. And where got people serve whole tea pot at the salon one?! First time I came, gave me a biscuit somemore. Their service is really thoughtful lah!


AWESOME hair day so need to camwhore more ah 😀


To date, I’ve received so many compliments from my friends, coworkers and even passerbys on the streets. Even second week into having my new hair, people are still complimenting me! So is not I lie ah, is my hair really is nice ok! I really really love my hair lah! Now I am a legit unicorn with unicorn hair!!! HAHAHA



I’m really quite happy with my hair because not only is it so pretty, it isn’t as damaged as I thought it’d be!

All in all, I had a really good experience with The Comb. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle, look no further!

The Comb Hair Studio is currently having a promotion for the month of July:


TBH the July promotion is really pretty affordable so  definitely don’t miss out on it!

The Comb Hair Studio
12 Gemmil Lane
Tel: 643 3138
Facebook | Website


Room Tour + How to LOVE your room!


Since it’s the month of love, I thought I’d show you guys what I love about my room and give you some tips on how to create the perfect bedroom that you’ll love! So excited to be working with Parachute Home on this. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I currently stay in a rented apartment and that’s a big difference from my bedroom back home, which was designed by my parents 5 years ago (I love my room back home, but it doesn’t really represent me right now). Sweden has many lifestyle and decor shops scattered around, and I always loved shopping in these stores in Lund and Malmo so naturally I picked up some things for my room here along the way. I thought it’d be a fun thing to do, to start from scratch and create a room that I’d love for my stay in Lund!

Tip #1: Simplicity is key



Image Credit: Parachute Home

I like a room that isn’t too “noisy” or “distracting”, I think it’s really key to keep a balance between the blank spaces and the decorations to achieve a harmonious room atmosphere. I know most of us end up creating clutter around our room no matter how hard we try. At least I do. So I like to keep things simple, any clutter would stand out and be easy to clean up. Also, less to bring back home when it’s time to say goodbye!


But don’t forget to add some colours into your room! I love how these fairy lights from TGR brighten up my room immediately! They look gorgeous at night too (:

Tip #2: Relax, breathe, enjoy…



Image credit


I’ve ALWAYS wanted candles in my room but never really got the chance to purchase them (So glad Bath & Body Works came into SG!). I’ve got three candles in my room and my current favourite is the Vanilla one I got from Ahlens! It’s the one in the floral tin, it smells so good and you can still smell it half a day later (: I got the lilac candle from ICA because I love the intricate carving on it!


My “beauty dresser” that’s actually just a plain old IKEA shelf. I love the heart-shaped print tea towel I got from Ahlens! Another tip is to browse in other sections of the store, as you’ll never know what you’ll end up finding. Sometimes you can create another use for the same product, so get creative! (Btw, isn’t my poster from Lagerhaus the cutest? Perfect for a sloth like me!)


I also purchased some flowers to add some greenery into my room. Really love how it spruces up my room!

Tip #3: Aim to inspire


I think this is super important for any room, to be a reminder of your dreams, to be an inspiration to better yourself.


We got this sign from Oob and hung it opposite our bed, so we’d see it every time we wake up!


I chanced upon these cute postcards from Sostrene Greene in Triangeln and immediately snapped them up because they had phrases that captured what kind of person I inspire to be. Interestingly, the postcard in the middle says follow your heart… is this my subconscious speaking?


My favourite card of them all. Remember to always be grateful for what you have!

Tip #4: Be yourself


I know that sounds like a given, but your room should reflect your inner world and don’t feel pressured to have a certain theme if that’s not who you are! Or even, just don’t have a theme! I don’t have one, and I slowly went sifting through the shops to find whatever caught my fancy.


Being away from home, it was important for me to hang up pictures of my life back home. It sort of makes me miss home a little less! Put a little of your world into your room with some pictures!


If you don’t have enough pictures (or are too lazy to go to town to print some), just cut out some cute pictures from magazines and make a collage! A dreamy, romantic collage just the way I like it (;


Arranged some of my favourite bows I brought along with me from home!

If you want to see the video of my room tour click below! It’s my 2nd attempt at making a YouTube video and I’m still learning when it comes to video editing. I’d appreciate your support!

[Note:] This post is a collaboration with Parachute Home, thank you Parachute Home for such a fun opportunity (: Check them out here! Parachute Home focuses on creating affordable and premium bedding for the best night’s sleep. If you purchase their signature venice set, they donate anti-malaria nets to fight Malaria in Africa.  They also sell decor stuff like throws and candles so definitely visit their site!


Style Bliss – The Genesis of Elegance ❤


The world is your runway.

So excited to show you the two dresses I got from Style Bliss! I was given the opportunity to pick two outfits from their site and immediately took it up after a quick perusal of their MIYOC site. They had many pretty dresses and I simply had to have them! Style Bliss is a blogshop promising trendy and quality fashion items, and they certainly didn’t let me down!

I am actually SUPER happy with my picks because they fit me so well! I am always wary of buying clothes online because of sizing. My shoulders are rather narrow/small and my chest isn’t exactly proportional so I find it hard to find clothes that fit my upper body nicely. I HATE dresses with zips going up the sides because the zip is ALWAYS stuck at my chest area. My friends say it’s a happy problem, but I say it’s a pain in the ass especially when the dress is super pretty!

To my surprise, both of the dresses I received had  zips running up their sides but they fit nicely for my UK8-10 frame. (: Not only so, they were, as Style Bliss promised, of great quality! Each dress came with an additional lining to eliminate potential see-through problems due to sheerness. The fabric also feels reasonably thick and durable!

The first dress I picked was this floral lace dress in green. The dress is so pretty, it’s a perfect fix for a girly girl like me!


Not only did I receive several compliments throughout the day, the nerd said I looked stunning at least five times that day. So ladies, if you want to stun (HAHA, geddit) your guy with your beauty, look for this dress! He said he was reminded of year 1 (before we started dating) when I would dress up in pretty dresses, put on makeup and wear high heels. What do you mean, I don’t dress up now?!


I LOVE the subtlety  of this dress – from the sweet lace details to the soft pastel colour, and even the gentle V neckline! It’s great for a casual day date and some tea time with your girlfriends!  (Psst… if you’re always running late, this dress is a good idea because you don’t need to iron it!)


Dress: Style Bliss | Belt: Taiwan | Heels: Lowry Farm |  Bag: Charles and Keith

The next dress that I chose is this monochrome bow dress!


Opted for a slightly dressier dress that is ever so versatile – you can wear it for work, dinner parties, wedding dinners and even school presentations!


I like how the bow cinches in to define your waistline! Plus point for the slimming top and dark structured bottom that helps create the hourglass silhouette. That’s partially why this dress caught my eye too!


Hairband: Bugis Street | Dress: Style Bliss | Bracelet: Cotton On |Bag: MIYOC | Shoes: Taiwan

Thank you Style Bliss for your wonderful dresses, they’ll definitely be in and out of my closet many times!

You can visit their store here and their Facebook here! They’re currently having a sale now – EVERYTHING is starting from $9.90, so be sure to check them out!


Aviva Dress – The Perfect Party Dress ❤


Life is always better in pink and sparkles.


I got contacted by Aviva Dress  a while back offering sponsorship for my 21st birthday party dress and I was absolutely delighted to get their gorgeous dresses!

A little about Aviva Dress – they specialize in dresses for special occasion – prom dresses, bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, you name it they have it! Aviva Dress pride themselves on quality and craftsmanship, so you’ll be able to score intricately detailed dresses with exceptional quality at affordable prices! Aviva promises not just quality fabric and fine craftsmanship but also quality lining and inner construction details in addition to customizing your dress! With such a great promise, of course I was hooked by their offer!

Customer Testimonial Aviva

My mind was further set at ease by all the great customer testimonials I saw on their website, with pictures of so many girls looking gorgeous on their special days. So I got down to choosing a dress. When I took a look at their website I was really spoiled for choice with the wide array of pretty dresses, I had trouble picking a dress because so many caught my eye!

Here are some of my favourite dresses from them:

1.  White Sleeveless Sweetheart Beaded Chiffon Evening Dress 

Dress 4

The cutouts brings out the waistline and adds shape to the silhouette while the side silt reveals skin so as to create a more dimensional and flattering movement when walking and posing for photos!

2. Pink A-line High Neck Tulle Bridesmaid Dress
Dress 5

This pretty pink bridesmaid dress with its sweet soft colour will look flattering on any skin tone! It has a thick waistband that brings out your waist and just the right amount of tulle to skim over your waist without adding too much shape.

Dress 5 back

I am super in LOVE with the gorgeous back details and the neckline details on the front as well! The bow is just too cute!!

3. Lilac A-line Sweetheart Sleeves Chiffon Short Prom Dress


This simple cutting is jazzed up by the keyhole cutout in the middle of the corset and the beads embellishment! I SUPER love the ruched bodice!

Out of the three, I picked the last one for my birthday party as I felt it was not only unique but also had just the right amount of dressiness for the occasion – a simple gathering with my friends and family to celebrate my birthday. As mine was a party with loads of pink, I chose pink chiffon for the colour. And crossed my fingers real hard that the accompanying beads would be compliment the colour as the preview option wasn’t available. I was asked to provide my custom measurements and given the link to the guide on how to do so.

Aviva used DHL to courier my dress and gave me a link to track my dress. To my surprise, the package came about one week earlier than my stated date. What a speedy delivery!


Looking at my package with bated breath…


Aviva thoughtfully double wrapped my dress and folded it inside out to prevent any stains. Including the DHL packaging, that’s three layers to prevent any incident from befalling my dress!


When I took the dress out I was blown away. The dress was SO PRETTY!!!! It was everything and more than I expected it to be!


The inner lining was quite thick and the material is really smooth. And LOOK! They even have built in bra to accommodate the teardrop cutout of my dress!


MAD LOVE the colour combination of the beads! The beads are of different colours, shapes and sizes to add depth and dimension to the dress details! It was really finely made, not a single bead was loose and not a loose thread in sight! All the above pics have NO FILTER so you can view the dress in its authentic state as per my first impression! It’s SOOO PRETTY!


To top it off, Aviva even gave me a cute owl necklace with matching beads as a complimentary gift! I was extremely happy with my package and the service but there was only one thing – somehow my dress was a little too big! I don’t know if I measured myself wrongly as I did measure myself while wearing a bra cause I wasn’t sure if I could wear one – so ladies, I would advice you to make full use of their Live Chat function that provides real time and personal advice as to whether or not to measure with a bra on! I emailed the service department a week later to ask for an exchange (I only got around to opening the package a week after it arrived) but due to my tight deadline and their promise of customized quality dresses, they were unable to provide me with a new one by the day of my party and advised me to seek out a local tailor instead. I was disappointed of course, but nonetheless their replies were really prompt! In the end, I managed to get my dress fixed at Michelle’s Alteration at Far East Plaza so crisis averted!


My ootd on the day of the party featuring my pretty Aviva dress!


Super love the sparkly beads on the dress!! I received so many compliments on my dress that day!

I was super happy that day that I got to look like a princess and rock it in a short, pink and sparkly frock just the way I like it! Thank you Aviva for this beautiful dress!

Be sure to check out Aviva Dress for the perfect dress for your special occasion! Currently, they’re having a huge sale on their website so don’t miss it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this honest review as much as I had fun writing this!


Smartling x Huiminxoxo – One Night Abroad ❤


My outfit tells my story.

Imagine you could go anywhere in the world for one night.

Where would you go? What would you do? What would you eat? More importantly, what would you wear? That’s what One Night Abroad is about – what would you do for one night in a foreign country? Was so excited when Smartling approached me to participate in this project and I immediately said yes!


For me, I have always wanted to visit Japan.

The home of the beautiful sakuras…


The mouthwatering ramen…


To the considerate and polite people and not to mention wonderful service….The list is ENDLESS!

What is there not to love about Japan?

So for this special collaboration with Smartling I chose to explore my perfect day/night in Tokyo.


Where I would go

1. Visit the Rabbit cafe

There’s a famous one called r.a.a.g.f in Harajuku!



2. Laforet Harajuku


They say it’s really pink and crazy inside, so why not?

3. Go convenience store shopping


The convenience stores in Japan are famed for excelling at the convenience concept.

4. Take Purikura


I mourned the extinction of neoprint machines in Singapore. It was a must do every time I went out to shop with my friends. If I had the chance I would definitely do it again!

5. Go up the Tokyo Skytree 


For an awesome night view of the Tokyo scene!



There’s tons of awesome ramen restaurants in Tokyo and I would definitely shoot myself if I ever went there without going into one! And a nice dinner to round off the night sounds awesome for a glutton like me hehe.

What I would wear 

The important part of this post! I always believe that when you feel good about the way you look, everything else will be infinitely better! This coordinate is loosely inspired by Emoda, a Japanese street fashion brand that’s edgy and mininmalist and very into the monochrome mod look!




Sheer black LA crop top, Bershka
Cobalt blue tube, Forever 21
Black lace bandage skirt , Xinmending Taiwan
Cream clutch, MIYOC
Black and gold statement necklace, Forever 21
Red wedge pumps, Lugang Taiwan

The Japanese Language

As I’m sure many of you know, it is pretty difficult to travel in Japan if you have absolutely zero knowledge of the Japanese language. I heard the streets don’t have names and addresses go by districts and block numbers – meaning you’ll need to learn how to find places by blocks instead of street names. Added with the language barrier, that’s a double whammy. This is a big part of why I am afraid to travel free & easy in Japan! In this collaboration with Smartling, a translation software company, they wanted to know how I would overcome or lower the language barrier when travelling overseas.

So what I’ll do to reduce the language barrier in Japan:

1. Google like crazy

Do my homework on the Internet first and search up all the places I want to visit and how to get there. However, I hate it when some of the more interactive interface of sites don’t totally translate when I use the Google translate option, some drop down bars or headbars are still in Japanese/foreign language, my number one pet peeve when researching on travelling!

2. Learn basic Japanese phrases

I heard the Japanese can speak English phrases or words but find it hard to string together a sentence. I would definitely pick up a few common phrases like bathroom, thank you, hello, how to go XX etc off the internet/language app!

3. Download pictures of my destinations onto my phone

So I can wave it in strangers face and be like “how do I go there?”

4. Translation app

Definitely a must! I would probably use it to type my questions in English and let passerbys look at my screen. What would I do without technology.

As you can see, I would rely A LOT on technology, like 100%! That’s where Smartling comes in handy with its multiple translation services that helps companies to increase efficiency and accuracy in translation in their communication to international customers/travellers like myself!

Thank you to Smartling for giving me this opportunity to work on such a fun project!